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Blessed are the Clean of Heart, for a Man’s Word is his Bond

If you think religion is hard in our American secularized culture, try being Catholic!  That was the basis of a great homily we heard this morning from Father S, who shared an unfortunate anecdote about rude behavior in a supermarket … Continue reading

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Can Unbelievers Explain the Obvious?

None of Cowboy Papist’s family is Catholic; we converted over 25 years ago.  In traversing on our spiritual journey, we encountered on numerous occasions the mystery of miracles.  For those who question our Faith in the belief that their secular … Continue reading

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Cultural Catholicism: Means What, and Does it Matter?

Today has seen an excellent exchange of ideas in the Catholic blogosphere on cultural Catholicism, starting first with Sherry Weddell’s “The Collapse of Cultural Catholicism” over at International Disciples.  Sherry’s article and comments highlight some extensive data showing the drop … Continue reading

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Courage Secularized: Change Comes with Awareness and Christ

This article over at titled, “False Courage and True Courage by Mark Shea offers several interesting themes related to the conflict between political ideology and the Catholic Church, and how it’s understood today. Mr. Shea shows four examples of … Continue reading

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Colorado Farm Show; Extravaganza in Greeley

Visited the Colorado Farm Show today in Greeley, Colorado; Cowboy Papist had an exceptionally good time.  Sat through a seminar on equine lameness, which was a good review of some of my past knowledge; also watched an analysis of the … Continue reading

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Do Credentials Matter More than Ability?

The Anchoress offers an interesting viewpoint on the status of an ‘Uncredentialed Wonder,’ Pete Hamill, who  “finally received an honorary graduate’s diploma from Regis High School, a Jesuit-run prep school from which he dropped out 59 years earlier.” Seems Mr. … Continue reading

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Brilliant Pro-Life Signs

Couple of great signs out of the March for Life in Washington DC yesterday I thought I’d share, which were just a few in a crowd of about 300,000, (based on reliable Catholic sources):

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