So I Begin —

So I begin – it seems that I’m called to write-up my thoughts on various topics of the day, and I do so with the full expectation that no one will give a hoot about what I write.  The fact is that I do quite a bit of daily reading each day of local news, Catholic news / activities / events, and the latest technology postings across the web, in addition to multiple magazine of rodeo, team roping, and the western lifestyle we’re fortunate to live here in northern Colorado.

Often I find myself sharing with herself, who most of the time doesn’t care.  Be that as it may, she has encouraged me for some time now to post my thoughts online; so we’ll see how it goes.


Currently, I’m unemployed, having been caught in a down economy as a sales exec of complex software solutions, specific to higher education and high technology.  But in my efforts to be pious, I’ve found myself nowhere near as concerned, worried, freaking out, as is usually the case when I’ve found myself without secure employment.  But I’ve been able to raise and support my family; and I’m quite proud of all of them.  For better or worse!

If you’ve found yourself reading this blog, thank you very much.  If you’ve returned more than once, thank you a thousand times over for your interest.  I’m most grateful for your support.

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