Abuse in the Catholic Church

No one can disagree that abuse in the Catholic Church is a history of horrific and squalid sexual crimes committed by priests over a 40 year period, then covered up by their bishops with a variety of despicable actions that, in many cases, demonstrated religious and civil criminal behavior.  By Bishops, of the Roman Catholic Church, in America, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, and numerous other countries.

As Fr. Z once wrote, (and I’m obviously paraphrasing), the Church deserves every kick in the ass it gets.

That said, the truth is that 2% of priests in America have been accused of sexual crimes against children.  Many priests have been accused who were not guilty of anything, and the Church is today the ‘go-to’ organization for learning how to oversee, manage, and report their members guilty of sex crimes against children.  I understand that many public education members have requested help from various dioceses across America.

Today, this interesting post by Carl Olsen at Insight Scoop / Ignatius Press, on a report that “In a stunning ten-page declaration recently submitted to the Los Angeles County Superior Court veteran attorney Donald H. Steier stated that his investigations into claims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests have uncovered vast fraud and that his probes have revealed that many accusations are completely false.”

Seems a retired FBI agent, working on behalf of Mr. Steier and the LA County Superior Court, found that about “one-half” of accusations against clergy were either false or so exaggerated that they couldn’t be prosecuted.  I strongly suspect this might be the bombshell Carl Olsen suspects it to be.

In an article today in the Denver Post, the Archdiocese of Denver re-instated a priest who had been accused of child molestation due to little evidence.  What is astonishing, is that despite the lack of evidence, oversight of the investigation by a panel that included no clergy from the Church, and the retirement of the priest in question, the comments sections are terribly anti-Catholic and very bigoted.  That said, the Church deserves every kick in the ass it gets.

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