Leadership in the Church

In the continuing saga that will write the history of child abuse in the American Catholic Church, the Archdiocese of Milwaukee announced it is filing bankruptcy.  The archbishop, Jerome Listecki released a statement, including this excerpt:

“For those who may feel anger and resentment that we have come to this moment, STOP.  We are here because of one reason:  priests sexually abused minors.  For that, I feel deeply ashamed. As your bishop, I apologize to victims/survivors for the harm, pain and suffering they are experiencing.

I also want to apologize to all the faithful priests, religious and laity whose good works may have been tarnished by this ongoing tragedy.  This can be a difficult time to be a Catholic.”

As I’ve noted before, the Catholic Church deserves all the pain and heartache that comes with the consequences of these horrible events.

Excellent leadership by the Archbishop of Milwaukee; his words above should be toward the whole of the Catholic Church.   Our reality is that the Church no longer has influence in our culture like it once did, and it will take decades before it will approach that level again.  We must continue with the “reform of the reform“, (liturgical abuses that have arisen since the reforms of Vatican II).  Additional information on how the Church is handling child abuse can be found here.

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