Colorado Rockies – Lookin’ Good!

Great article here by Tracy Ringlesby of Fox Sports as to how the Rocks are improving on their player personnel foundation.  The key point is that that main core of starters complete for a number of years; at least seven in the case of Tulo and Cargo.  Pitching staff will have Ubaldo and De la Rosa for a couple of years.

Colorado Rockies savvy spending ensures long term success – MLB News | FOX Sports on MSN.

Great explanation on the thinking of the Gonzales family as to the risk of signing later versus signing now – very helpful, especially as I think Scott Boras and his thinking have done some players great in their checking accounts (and his own as well!), but his standard contract model has obviously been terrible for baseball.  Getting these kids to think more about themselves than their teammates is the epitome of narcissism, which makes the pending signing of CarGo so especially sweet. Perhaps Boras is losing his influence?

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