Reverence at Mass

As many Catholics are aware in some capacity, there has been a serious change in the liturgy since Vatican II, and since the election of Pope John Paul II and continuing with Pope Benedict XVI, the ‘reform of the reform’ is in process to bring liturgy back to a more orthodox setting.

Michael Voris at has just posted a video that targets the challenges faced by clergy and laity when working toward a ‘reform of the reform,’ which is quite informative, which I viewed at Overheard in the Sacristy blog, which I highly recommend and read daily.

It is shocking to read the anecdotes posted on that blog by Fr. Gonzales as he shares examples of the terrible behavior exhibited by the parishioners when he first began to re-traditionalize his parish.  Shameful disrespect; truly a shining example of the Cult of Man.

We once attended a church where the priest led the Lord’s Prayer in a kind of ‘hand signal’ sign language.  While my family looked at each other in mild surprise, the priest stopped the prayer and sternly reprimanded his congregation for not participated and directly everyone to participate with the hand signals or else!  So that evening, for the first time ever, Cowboy Papist wrote an email to our Bishop.  He kindly and quickly replied, directing us to not lose faith in Holy Mother Church and urged us to continue our search for a parish where we would be comfortable.

Now, the fact of the matter is that God is the center of the Mass, as Michael Voris aptly instructs in his video.  Not the priest – not the music director – not the musicians.  The center of the Mass is Jesus Christ, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how many parishes do not make Christ the center of the Mass.  There are many reasons for this, historical and cultural, but clearly Mr. Voris makes several valid points.

My advice?  It starts with being reverent when attending Mass – from the moment you enter the doors until the moment you leave.  You kneel in worship of Jesus Christ who is at the center altar.  Yes, we Americans do struggle with authority, and that has been a key element to the lack of reverence.  Yes, there will be distractions; that is normal.  However, by keeping your focus on the love and worship of Christ, any commotions will hardly be noticed.  Yes, at times you may not ‘feel’ like Christ is there with you.  Yet he is!  In the Eucharist, in the tabernacle, and in the Holy Spirit who enters your heart and soul.

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