Crusade against Christianity: Can it Stop?

Great article here by Clifford May on the Christian persecutions being conducted in several Muslim countries, most recently in Egypt; see here The War Against the Christians. What’s Mr. May has done a good job of is creating a switcheroo analogy — what if it were Muslims being persecuted in Christian countries — and has caused some remarkably incoherent responses.  First, the premise . . .

In recent days, Christian churches have been bombed in Egypt, Iraq, Nigeria, and the Philippines.  In Indonesia a mob of 1,000 Muslims burned down two Christian churches because, according to one commentator, local Islamic authorities determined there were “too many faithful and too many prayers.”  In Iran, scores of Christians have been arrested. In Pakistan, a Christian woman received the death penalty for the “crime” of insulting Islam; the governor of Punjab promised to pardon her — and was then assassinated for the “crime” of blasphemy.

. . . If the situation were reversed, if such a war were being waged against Muslims, it would be the top story in every newspaper, the most urgent item at the U.N., the highest priority of all the big-league human-rights groups.

Most unfortunate, and difficult to understand, is the reason that many of our cultural elites do not see this situation rationally.  In discussing Pakistan, a Canadian college professor can’t seem to ‘connect the dots,’ even when hundreds of Pakistani religious scholars justified the killing of the governor of Punjab, they praised his killer’s “courage,” religious zeal, and said “he had made Muslims proud around the world.”

As Mr. May notes, many pundits fail to see that these fundamental Islamists call themselves jihadists, screaming “Allahu Akbar!” — “Allah is greatest!” during their brutal crimes — the equivalent of yelling “Jesus Christ is the greatest.”  Of course, most Muslims don’t want to hurt anyone, but practice their faith to the best of their ability.  It’s the knuckleheads who’ve abused that faith that has created this horrible vacuum that is sucking in today’s young Muslims into thinking jihad is the answer to their poverty and unemployment.

Our reality here is that our culture elites, those here in the USA with direct control of the content we see in our mainstream media, are cowards.  Yellow, fainthearted, wusses.  This is why we see their diminishing influence, (none too soon!).  But any democratic western outfit media unwilling to exhibit cartoons of Mohammad because of their impact to a religion or the violence that may or may not result, (as seen in America’s leading newspapers and newscasts in 2005) has sold their soul.  And they ain’t about to go legit now.  So they play at being smarter than the rest of us with a series of values that they make up as they go along.  And so it continues.

Please remember to pray for Christians in Muslim countries.  They could use our help!

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