Merciful Help for the Asking

Excellent article over at LifeNews about the lie that pro-life advocates don’t care about women and their babies after birth, Pro-Life People Care for Women and Children After Birth, Too.

Key point worth noting is this: “pro-lifers have taken the lead in offering vital services to mothers and infants in need.”

Just like our Archbishop Charles Chaput here in northern Colorado, New York’s Archbishop Timothy Dolan will take any baby who’s mother is in crisis mode and find solutions.  Any baby!  Ask yourself now, how many other community leaders; political, business, social, etc. step up and make this kind of offer?

The fact is that in America today, there is no reason to have an abortion for there are thousands of folks who want a baby and can’t have one; thousands.  And study after study shows the long-term negative effects of abortion on women.  But it’s a big business, with millions of tax payer dollars given to Planned Parenthood, who are implicitly driven to increase their business; just like all business.

Sure looks like these multi-million tax dollars are the impetus for investing in ways of increasing sexual activity in young Americans and pushing the canard that there’s no one to care for babies, should they be given life.  One among many others.

As Katherine Jean Lopez wrote today over at National Review,

“But in the face of violence, it’s hard to get beyond the fact that we’re actually not a country that decries violence against our most innocent . . . If you truly believe in “choice,” make sure every woman knows how to make the choice to have her child, an unplanned joy — for her or for an adoptive family that is open and able to love that human life.

“Abortion is a violence we should open our eyes to see and stop rather than keeping quiet and accepting it. It’s one that a civil society can work to stop. Peacefully, with love and support.”

There is someone there to help — just ask for it.

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