Nature Follows the Rules; Why?

Cowboy Papist doesn’t run into too many atheists; most likely our crowd is a Catholic one, or with our rodeo friends and family, a Protestant gathering where thanks to God is a normal and usual gesture for the events in our lives.  But we have run into them on occasion, and disbelief in something so basic to our human nature is difficult to comprehend.  Mark Shea over at National Catholic Register does a great job of instructing on how to learn from these poorly informed knuckleheads.

As written by St. Thomas Aquinas, atheist justification for believing in no God:

  1. Bad things happen, so there is no God.
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  2. Things work fine without God, so there’s no God.

That’s it.  That’s all.  Those are the only two decent arguments for atheism in the whole history of human thought.  Every atheist argument either rings the changes on these two or else atheists pad their case by introducing a lot of non sequiturs and lousy arguments.

The answer to both of these objections is the same; when you get rid of the padding of just so stories about “How the Human Got His Sense of Morality” and the science fiction accounts of multiverses we have zero evidence for, you have the naked proposition, (so) everything works fine without God.

In referencing St. Thomas Aquinas’s reply to objection #2, that all nature must reference the higher cause, Mark writes:

In short, when we blithely glide over the question ‘why is there anything?’ . . .  when we avoid the questions ‘why do things work at all?’ ‘who wrote the rules by which they work?’ we are rather avoiding the issue.

There could be a gazillion other universes and that question would still demand answering.

Every single gap and problem in the evolution of life on earth could be plugged with elegant proofs demonstrating each and every physical and chemical law that inexorably led to the proliferation of species across the globe and we would be no closer to answering (or even asking) the question “Why are there physical and chemical laws and why do time, space, matter and energy obey them?

St. Thomas does ask and answer those questions.

Go here to read the whole article.  Mark does a great job in responding to the comments below his article.

Cowboy Papist easily admits that most of this theological brow rubbing often goes in one ear and out the other, so pragmatic easy to understand ‘discussion points’ are always appreciated.   But anyone who’s seen babies being born and nursed by their mothers, no matter the species and in spite of a multitude of difficulties always present, knows that a rulebook is being used to create and manage life within our reality.  Nothing else can explain it.

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