38th March for Life Observations: Thoughts for Consideration

These were signs worn by men and women standing on the Rally Stage podium during the March for Life this morning – how brave, how strong, how remarkable!

Numerous websites are talking about the large contingent of young folks who are in attendance at the March.  Not sure what the full account is on attendance, but it sure looks like 100,000 easy; if not more.  No doubt, the mainstream media will ignore it as pro-life doesn’t align with their biases and politics – kinda shoots down the idea that the media is fact based in their reporting.  Clear hypocrisy!

Of course, Mr. Obama used the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade to commit himself again to abortion rights in light of the 41% abortion rate in New York City, and the murder of hundreds of babies born viably in Philadelphia.  He never mentioned the sick doctor in Philadelphia, and he mention the word “abortion,” preferring instead to discuss “reproductive freedom” and the “fundamental principle” that “government should not intrude on private family matters.”  As Tom Peters points out, Mr. Obama loves to ‘dialog’ on abortion, but he hasn’t ever changed his erroneous political view.  Extraordinary ignorance of biology, politics, and American law by Obama and the Democratic Party.

Katherine Jean Lopez has a great article at National Review that addresses the expectation that our country’s budget woes will require law to redress and remedy taxpayer funding of abortion, related specifically to the Tea Party.  Again, the Obama administration lied about the exclusion of taxpayer abortion funding in the health care bill with the worthless Stupak amendment.  As Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council says in this article, “Ending taxpayer funding of abortion and getting Planned Parenthood’s hand out of the pocket of taxpayers are clearly crossover issues.”  Seems the Tea Party is keen on ending special interest funding, which is what Plan Parenthood gets from American taxpayers today.  Sadly, it won’t happen with Obama in the White House, so the need to replace him is critical.

Speaking of the sad and disturbed abortion doctor in Philadelphia, Kermit Gosnell, here’s a sad and pathetic quote, in his words, he engaged in “snipping” to “ensure fetal demise.” In far too many cases, the fetuses were in the third trimester, which is illegal in America today; it’s known as partial birth abortion.  Despite Mr. Obama efforts to hide it, he does supports partial birth abortion.  As the editors at National Review stated today,

“As a state legislator in Illinois, he argued that the law (outlawing partial birth abortion) should offer no protection to neonates if they had been delivered before viability. He said that protecting them would violate Roe v. Wade and undermine the right to abortion. What looked like infanticide to most people was for him, it must be inferred, a “private family matter.” When Gosnell applied his scissors to pre-viable children, he was, on Obama’s terms, merely exercising a cherished freedom.”

The article goes on to describe the horrific alignment between the abortionist and Mr. Obama.  Hard to believe that people actually voted for him, including far too many Catholics!  Pro-abortion is a violation of civil rights. That has got to get fixed.

As Ireland is near and dear to us at the Cowboy Papist ranch, we enjoyed seeing Ms. Bernadette Smyth of Precious Life Ireland on EWTN discussing her organization and how they fight the inclusion of abortion rights in the Irish Constitution.  Yes, making abortion illegal is a worldwide effort.  Best of luck to Ms. Smyth.  The current status quo in Ireland is our future goal here in America.

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