Colorado Farm Show; Extravaganza in Greeley

Visited the Colorado Farm Show today in Greeley, Colorado; Cowboy Papist had an exceptionally good time.  Sat through a seminar on equine lameness, which was a good review of some of my past knowledge; also watched an analysis of the newer treatments for various maladies.  Our main interest was with arthritis and the recommended treatments and supplements. There were many, many booths of various vendors in agriculture.  The buzz of activity would indicate that the industry is doing well, despite the dour performance of the national economy.  Spoke with one vendor who had observed a good revenue stream at the National Western Stock Show in Denver and expected the same from the Colorado Farm Show.  Clearly the vendors were more focused on farming as opposed to livestock with an extensive array of hefty tractor and tractor attachments. There were a surprising and unusual number of organic vendors; seeds, crops, solar, etc.  In addition, they designated an equine, beef and dairy day, hay and forage focus, and Colorado agriculture partners.  Very good to see young people, FFA members, and many families with little ones in attendance; a major issue for many non-corporate farmers is one or more of their children who will assume and continue the heritage of family farms.

Very good to see that agriculture in Northern Colorado seems to be on a good track for the coming year.

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