Can Unbelievers Explain the Obvious?

None of Cowboy Papist’s family is Catholic; we converted over 25 years ago.  In traversing on our spiritual journey, we encountered on numerous occasions the mystery of miracles.  For those who question our Faith in the belief that their secular science is god, explanations for miracles simply doesn’t exist, along with any reason.

One type of miracles are Eucharistic Miracles.  As Wikipedia notes, Eucharistic miracles typically involve the visible transformation of the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ during the consecration portion of a Catholic or Orthodox Mass.”

Cowboy Papist just learned of a new miracle, the Lanciano Eucharistic Miracle.  Lanciano is a small, medieval town, nestled in from the coast of the Adriatic Sea in Italy, halfway between San Giovanni Rotondo and Loreto.  Seems one day in 1054, a monk who was struggling with his faith, (which we all suffer at times), witnessed the miracle during mass when he consecrates the Host it transforms into flesh and blood. This miracle has undergone extensive scientific examination and can only be explained as a miracle.  The result of testing was that:

  • The Flesh is real Flesh. The Blood is real Blood.
  • The Flesh and the Blood belong to the human species.
  • The Flesh consists of the muscular tissue of the heart.
  • In the Flesh we see present in section: the myocardium, the endocardium, the vagus nerve and also the left ventricle of the heart for the large thickness of the myocardium.
  • The Flesh is a “HEART” complete in its essential structure.
  • The Flesh and the Blood have the same blood-type: AB (Blood-type identical to that which Prof. Baima Bollone uncovered in the Holy Shroud of Turin).
  • In the Blood there were found proteins in the same normal proportions (percentage-wise) as are found in the sero-proteic make-up of the fresh normal blood.
  • In the Blood there were also found these minerals: chlorides, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium.
  • The preservation of the Flesh and of the Blood, which were left in their natural state for twelve centuries and exposed to the action of atmospheric and biological agents, remains an extraordinary phenomenon

Many don’t believe in Christ because they need physical and visual ‘proof’ of his existence.  Yet when confronted with this evidence, how is one to respond? 

Cowboy Papist and Herself were blessed with being able to see numerous unexplained miracles at various Italian churches – physical and visual.  Our response was joyful, (as in “Wow!  Bitchin’!), and amazement at the several we witnessed.  How can unbelievers explain the obvious?  Without resorting to immature, childish, and snarky baiting!

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