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Gay “Rights” In Place of Everything: er, . . . right?

Sigh . . . From Catholic Culture we learn that “British court says gay rights trump religious rights.” “The High Court in London has affirmed the decision of a local council to bar a Christian couple from acting as foster parents … Continue reading

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Barack’s DOMA Backfire: ‘Gay Marriage’ Future

Great article about the dumping of the Defense of Marriage Act by the White House over at National Catholic Register by Maggie Gallagher, “President Obama’s DOMA Outrage Will Backfire.”  Ms. Gallagher is the president of the Institute for Marriage and … Continue reading

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Openly Gay “Old Catholic” Priest: Canned!

Jeff Miller at The Curt Jester has the low-down on the Catholic College firing of an openly homosexual “Old Catholic” priest. ‘Old Catholic’ means he’s part of a church that separated from the Roman Catholic Church after Vatican I last century.  … Continue reading

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Defunding Taxpayer Funded Abortion

Make a point of checking out this great article at the Catholic News Agency addressing the vulnerability of Planned Parenthood in an interview with Charles A. Donovan, a senior research fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation who co-authored the 1991 … Continue reading

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Pro-Life Culture: Long Road Ahead

Another wonderful examination of the NYC Anti-Abortion billboard removal from The Curt Jester which we discussed here.  The CJ rhetorically wonders at the irrationality of the billboard critics: “Why is it people can overlook the preponderances of abortion clinics in … Continue reading

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Harassment: Abortion Billboard Coming Down

As Cowboy Papist posted earlier, abortion is the number one killer of blacks in NYC.  But the billboard alerting New Yorkers to this horrific issue is just too hard to swallow, as we learned today from the NYTimes via Creative … Continue reading

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Killing Centers Planned Parenthood: Murders Increasing

Unfortunate news tonight from Catholic Culture, “Planned Parenthood increase in abortions:” The Planned Parenthood Federation of America has reported 332,278 abortions in 2009, the last year for which full statistics are available.  That figure represents an increase over the previous … Continue reading

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