The Connections Needed between Abortion, Religion, and Science

David Harsanyi, in his article “Abortion, Religion, and Science” in Reason Magazine make several sad and accurate declarations in bringing, and recommending, reason and logic to the USA abortion debate.  He seems to lamenting that though “abortion is a social issue,” “science and reason that can turn the debate.”

While we cannot leave behind the enormous impact the culture of death has on our society, pragmatism dictates that science and reason will make far stronger impressions on our secular viewpoints.

“The Roe v. Wade decision—made without considering evolving science or new facts—ensures that the debate is purely academic for now.  I’m certainly not under the delusion that every problem has an answer.  But if the pro-life movement is going to win the hearts and minds of the rest of the nation, it’s not going to need more God.  It’s going to need more reason.”

Safe, legal and rare may be the pro-abortion mantra, but the facts show a far different stance is taken by many Americans today – abortion has become a standard form of birth control and it’s far more common in our ethic communities than we’re ready to admit.

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