Back Alley Abortions: Still with Us

Rich Lowry of National Review writes about Gosnell and the relationship with the Planned Parenthood videos released by Live Action, here’s an excerpt:

“Legal abortion was supposed to end “back-alley abortions,” both their dangers and their entanglements with shady characters. But the practice and the mores of the back alley are with us still, tolerated by people for whom the ready provision of abortion trumps all else.  Pro-choicers have long invoked the dignity of women. The nightmarish case of the Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell and the sting video of a counselor at a Planned Parenthood clinic cooperating with a supposed pimp show the dignity of women is decidedly secondary.”

“One of the damning moments in the New Jersey video is when the Planned Parenthood employee tells the man posing as the pimp that he can take his girls to a clinic even less scrupulous than hers — in other words, refers him to some shark like Gosnell. In that chilling moment you refer to, when the (now-fired) Planned Parenthood worker refers the Live Action actor posing as a pimp to another clinic — the clinic she refers him to is Metropolitan Medical Associates, a place where a woman found herself in a coma for a month after a botched abortion. A little more inside that clinic here.”

And we learned that Live Action released three more videos from their undercover investigations of how Planned Parenthood is helping alleged sex traffickers obtain abortions for underage girls, here.

The logic and reason for choosing abortion today is now skedaddled.  Time for its legions to get converted.  Hope is there, time is needed.

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