Living a Catholic Lifestyle: Can It Be Done Today?


Hat Tip to Matthew Kelly over at The Integrated Catholic Life for his great post, from his book “Rediscovering Catholicism,” on living a Christian lifestyle.  Here’s a few salient points:

“Today, amidst the busyness and complexities of modern life, the great majority of Catholics are challenged merely to make it to Mass each Sunday. In modern society, a great separation has taken place between the various aspects of our lives. Many people feel that they need to leave the values and principles of their faith outside of certain activities in the same way you leave a coat in a waiting room. The modern world tries to separate faith from reason, the professional from the personal, the means from the ends. . .
“We feel torn in two because our very nature tells us that you cannot divorce faith from reason, or the personal from the professional, or the means from the end. Living the Gospel is difficult. It always has been and it always will be. This is what today’s Catholics have in common with the first Christians, and with Christians of every place and time.
There has never been a time when the Church was the perfect society Jesus calls us to be. . .
“Every time you engage in a self-destructive behavior the Church becomes a-lesser-version-of-herself.  And every time you bravely choose to become a-better-version-of-yourself, the Church becomes a-better-version-of-herself . . .  I also know that in every place and in every time since Pentecost the Holy Spirit has been present to guide you, me, and the whole Church.  I am certain that the Church needs less and less of your ideas and mine, and more and more guidance from the Holy Spirit.”

As Cowboy Papist posted earlier, it seems that obedience by lay, religious and clergy to the Magisterium and Holy Father appear to be in short supply.  Any one can come up with a plan, but someone has to carry it out.  As Mike notes, our Church today has too many ideas, too much planning – not enough prayer, not enough sacramental practice, not enough execution.

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