Irish Apostolic Visitation: Cowboy Hat Tip!

Thanks to Splintered Sunrise for his in-depth post, “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball” that reviews the history and ramifications of the ongoing Irish Apostolic Visitation.  Some of my favorite comments:

“(Archbishop Timothy) Dolan’s presence has also aroused the ire of the “Association of Catholic Priests in Ireland”, an organisation of flared-trousered hippies currently waging a battle for gender-neutral language in the new Missal. This, after all, is not merely a matter of pushing a few elderly bishops into retirement; it’s about the future direction of the priesthood in this country.

“. . . And the Irish hierarchy have so disgraced themselves that, really, a serious investigation followed by reorganisation is long overdue. We’ll have to wait for some time to get a sense of what’s going to come out of the Visitation but, if it’s annoying the ecclesiastical bureaucrats, it must be doing something right.”

The reality is that no matter what the Church does to combat and repair her clerical abuse past, many will not be happy because of their inability to separate their faith in Christ from those morons in collars who hurt and damage our Church with their immoral and deceitful actions.  Non-Catholics will always belittle the Church, including many within our own circle of friends and family.  Many Catholics will use it to excuse their behavior or decisions.  But as Splintered points out, if Vatican oversight is annoying bishops, then it’s definitely a step in the right and truthful direction.

Top of the hat to Splintered; seems quite the Irish Catholic!  Tada gan iarracht!

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