Systemic Murder of Christians by Ever Expanding Radical Islam

Joseph Bottoms has a foreboding essay at titled The Murder of Christians that related to his USA Today opinion piece where he writes, “The single most dangerous thing in the world to be, right now, is a Christian among Muslims.” Ain’t that the truth.

In addition to the assorted headlines and links he’s posted as evidence of Muslim atrocities against Christians are the lists that details the attacks just in December of 2010 and January 2011.  Clear evidence that radical and violent Islam seems to be gaining influence in their respective countries against the ‘infidels’:



As Mr. Bottoms alludes, the evidence is obvious, “The key thing to notice in all this is how widespread the assaults are: Across the Islamic world, wherever Christians are surrounded by Muslims, an escalating violence against Christians is breaking out. . . the violence in other countries is inspiring violence locally. . . Muslims are increasingly identifying the practice and defense of their faith with the murder of Christians.”

America shouldn’t be involved in fighting this way in any way other that to offer charitable assistance to the innocent families harmed by the Jihadists, as well as share the necessary intelligence with those countries in need of help in fighting this scourge.  The buying and selling of pro US governments must never be repeated.  The headlines clearly indicated the increase is occurring and Christians will be the first to pay the price for their faith.

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