Anne Rice: Spiritual Journey

Interesting post by Fr. Longenecker regarding author Anne Rice and her most recent diatribe against Catholics and our Church, Nice Anne Rice?.  Here’s his money quote:

“To put it bluntly, she’s a sentimentalist, and locked into a society where sentimentalism rules, she simply couldn’t swim stronger than the sentimentalist undertow. The mama bear instinct ruled and she couldn’t bear to see her baby mistreated. Having spent years in the bleeding heart liberal world, a Rooster Cogburn Catholic Church was too much to take.”

Frankly, Ms. Rice’s recent views and comments reek with seething anger and resentment; there’s more here than meets the eye.  As numerous folks have written all across the Catholic blogosphere, she’s just plain old mad.  From her relativistic perspective and experience she cannot imagine anyone not loving her son and forgiving his behavior like she does.  One cannot blame her, for she is behaving like a mother.  But . . .

Cowboy Papist does recall a chapter from C.S. Lewis‘ ‘The Great Divorce‘ where a mother is unable to gain entry into heaven due to her twisted love and attachment to her son, whom she demands be allowed to enter with her.  She’s emotional and unreasonable, telling the Spirit, “No one has the right to come between me and my son.  Not even God.  Tell Him that to his face.  I want my boy, and I mean to have him.  He is mine, do you understand? Mine, mine, mine for ever and ever” (pages 93-94).  She is nonsensical and intractable to her feelings, even at the door of heaven.

This sounds to me like Anne Rice; poor old gal.  Numerous books of hers are grand entertainment. Ms. Rice was very kind on Facebook, communicating with Herself a couple of time on Catholic issues; always searching for opinions.  We do wish her and her son Christopher an open heart on their spiritual journeys and trust in God to show her, and us, His mercy.

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