Forever Hopeful: World Youth Day!

With our culture in the grasp of pro abortion and sexualized zealots, this brief video on the 26 years of World Youth Day cannot but give us endearing hope for our future.  Our children and our grandchildren will save us from our selfish foibles and spiritual scarcities of the last several generations:

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2 Responses to Forever Hopeful: World Youth Day!

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  2. Cowboy Papist,
    Wow, I randomly stumbled upon your blog through google, and I love it! I will be traveling to Spain this summer for WYD, and I have been blessed to attend 4 WYD’s in my past. So thank you for posting this video, it brings back great memories. I have another question for you.
    Have you ever heard of You may find this website of interest. In fact, I live in Colorado and it looks like you’re up in northern Colorado? I would love to share with you the vision for, perhaps through email someday?
    I’m sure you know about the American Papist, he was featured on last week, you can watch his interview here:

    Many blessings to you and I hope we can connect via email.

    Seth J. DeMoor

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