Colorado Rockies: At the Vatican

We’re keeping track of our Rockies down in Scottsdale for spring training in their brand spankin’ new facility down there, Salt River Fields at Walking Stick; came across this article in the Denver Post, “Same ol’ Jimenez shows up in Scottsdale” on the 2010 Cy Young candidate, Ubaldo Jimenez.  Looks like he toured Europe in January, and visited the Vatican

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Ubaldo Jimenez ventured to the Vatican and saw the Pope over the offseason.OK, OK, no jokes about “Who’s that guy in the picture with Ubaldo?”

Jimenez was the one with the camera. He toured Europe for two weeks and, while in Rome, decided to go to Mass on a Thursday. Jimenez, a devout Catholic, had no idea the Pope would be the one celebrating the service. But there he was on the altar at St. Peter’s.“I was, like, “Wow, the Pope!’ ” said Jimenez. “I videotaped him while he was walking with like a thousand other priests.”I mention the story because I thought it was admirable that anyone would take time on a vacation to go to Mass on a Thursday. But considering the source, it was no surprise.If you’re a parent looking for an athlete for your kid to go all in on, Jimenez is your man. His soft-spoken manner and respectful nature continue to amaze me. Let’s tell it like it is: Megastar athletes in the 21st century aren’t always, shall we say, about being soft-spoken and respectful.

Two more anecdotes on Jimenez: He called manager Jim Tracy and wished him well after hearing that Tracy had collapsed at the winter meetings in December. And that was after calling to wish Tracy and his family a happy Thanksgiving.Oh, and one more thing. What was Jimenez, the greatest pitcher in Rockies history, doing the morning after reporting to spring training? He was in the weight room awash in sweat at 7:30.Just so you know what kind of guy that is out there when you buy tickets to watch him pitch.

What a great guy; here’s wishing he has another All-Star appearance and Cy Young quality year, for the next 10 years!

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