Oxymoron: “Same-Sex Marriage Activist” Priest – UPDATED ‘Cancelled!’

Over at CatholicVote.org, Thomas Peters is forced by the inexplicable actions of a dissident priest who may have archdiocese approval, to investigate Dissent: Catholic Parish in Minneapolis to host Gay & Lesbian fundraiser with “same-sex marriage activist” pastor.

Mr. Peters has ample evidence of a type of ‘loss of oversight’ in the MSP archdiocese; seems that Fr. Leo Tibesar, the pastor of St. Frances Cabrini is quite well-known for his dissenting ways.  We’re curious as to why this event was scheduled, creating  scandal due to its clear contradiction of Church teachings on homosexuality.  Is Most Reverend John Clayton Nienstedt aware of this activity; if yes, how can he justify this confusing episode?  If no, isn’t a suspension in order – at a minimum?  How does this advance our Faith, or at least isn’t this an opportunity?  Cowboy Papist cannot but agree Mr. Peters:

“Practically speaking, this event should be cancelled because it deceives Catholics into thinking the Church does not teach what it does about the homosexual lifestyle.  The Archdiocese of Saint Paul Minneapolis should do this. Next, Fr. Tibesar should be asked to renounce all ties (financial and otherwise) with these problematic organizations. He should be asked specifically if he has given Communion to Catholics in schism. And if he refuses to cooperate, other canonical remedies ought to be sought.

“Priests like Fr. Tibesar and organizations like CALGM cannot continue to be allowed to deceive Catholics and lead them into sinful lifestyles while simultaneously claiming to be Catholic. It’s really that simple.”

Cowboy Papist would add that even if this event should be held, it seems that Archbishop Nienstedt needs to take an action that prevents scandalous behavior like this in the future.  We would urge emails / letters to the Archbishop with copies to the Congregation of the Faith in Vatican City.  This ‘simply’ is unacceptable and shameful.

Remember this priest, this group, those with same sex attractions, and the Archbishop, in your prayers.

UPDATE:  Very good news – From Thomas Peters, looks like this event has been reviewed and canceled by the Archdiocese of Minneapolis St. Paul.  He adds this important note of information:

Catholics don’t have to take this sitting down. We don’t have to sit and watch as our Catholic parishes and organizations are co-opted by groups promoting a sexual-liberationist philosophy which is so deeply opposed to the proper Christian understanding of sexuality, marriage and family.

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