Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood: Election 2012

From the intelligent, brave and lovely Ayaan Hirsi Ali, we learn today the inside story of the Muslim Brotherhood and their intentions in Egypt, “Get Ready for the Muslim Brotherhood” from the op-ed page of the New York Times.  Ms. Ali shares how, as a teenager in Nigeria, the Muslim Brotherhood established a secure infrastructure for Muslims that appears to have been wise, needed, and even charitable:

“The Muslim Brotherhood did more than dream. With the help of money from Saudi Arabia and other oil-rich countries, they established cells in my school and functioning institutions in my neighborhood. There were extracurricular activities for all age groups. There were prayer and chant hours, as well as communal Koran readings. We were encouraged to become volunteers, to help the indigent, to spread Allah’s message. They established charities to which we could tithe, which then provided health and educational centers.

“The Brotherhood also provided the only functioning banking networks, based on trust. They rescued teenagers from lives of drug addiction and excited them about a purposeful future for justice. Each of us was expected to recruit more people. Most importantly, their message transcended ethnicity, social class and even educational levels.”

Apparently, there are two faces of the Muslim Brotherhood; those who favor ‘instant jihad’ that we Americans are far too familiar with, and the non-violent who emphasize perseverance and patience using ‘taqiyyah’ a tact to ‘collaborate with your enemies until the time is ripe to defeat them or convert them to Islam.’  The goal of the Brotherhood is Sharia as the basis for Egyptian government, one way or another.

She notes the challenges faced by the secular forces in Egypt as they work toward creating a government that isn’t completely controlled by Islam.  A cohort of numerous tribes, sects, and ideologists, who without any common ground will not likely be influential when a new government is elected in September, due in great part to a fear of being viewed as rejecting Islam.  While the Brotherhood is pushing Sharia as fulfilling the prophesies of Mohammad, these secular groups will be using the unpopular views in Iran as an example of the failure of Sharia.

She is hoping the Obama administration will support the secular groups in managing the political processes necessary to win the election.

The fact is many Americans seem legitimately concerned with the president’s lack of leadership in foreign affairs since his election, and especially now in view of the laboring and weak monolith call the US economy.  It seems Barry struggles to discern what decisions need to be made in a timely manner given the speed of developing events in the Middle East.

Cowboy Papist believes that Ms. Ali, Egyptian secular forces, and any one else who is looking for help from Washington DC is in for a hard road ahead.  BO will only make those decisions that help him politically first, regardless of the impact to the peasant class of Americans or Egyptians, or any democratically minded Arab. Ms. Ali is illogically optimistic of this White House administration.

BO’s is concerned with his maintaining his political base, so he will continue his uninhibited support of  abortion on demand and gay marriage in America.  Unnamed and unseen humankind in Egypt will remain a low priority as he is philosophically unable to even make America a first priority.  We wish the secular Egyptians luck in their elections in their campaign again the Brotherhood; they are wise to be hopeful for American help, but should not dependent on it.

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