Colorado Rockies: We’re Gonna Win!

Came across this excellent piece of baseball information on our Colorado Rockies today from :

Todd Helton isn’t talking much down here. That’s a good thing. You have to know how Helton is wired. He’s old school. I’m talking Little House on the Prairie old. The more determined he is about something, the less he’s going to talk about it. Just know that he burns inside to be a productive player again.

Got us thinking: 

Other useful and interesting bit’s o’ info:

  1. Carlos Gonzalez spent the final month of last season in agony while battling tendonitis in his right wrist. That explains why he only hit .378 in September!
  2. Pull for Ubaldo Jimenez; what a great example for your kids!
  3. Should Ian Stewart, Seth Smith, and Jorge De La Rosa stay healthy and have the year they’re expected to have, this team will win the pennant and again battle the American League in the World Series!
  4. See video above!

See any little chubby kids running around rhyming with a need for a glove to the face?

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