Harassment: Abortion Billboard Coming Down

As Cowboy Papist posted earlier, abortion is the number one killer of blacks in NYC.  But the billboard alerting New Yorkers to this horrific issue is just too hard to swallow, as we learned today from the NYTimes via Creative Minority Report:

“All it took was some pro-abortion harassment, a threat of violence, and the prospect of an Al Sharpton led protest and now a pro-life billboard is being removed from Manhattan. Yup, the billboard that showed a young black girl in a pink dress and the words “the most dangerous place for an African-American is in the womb” is gone. Mind you, nobody argued with the facts that the billboard presented. They just don’t want the truth to be known.  Remember, silencing opposition is their greatest weapon.”

When their ‘religion’ (it’s pseudonym is ‘choice’) is threatened, they respond as rebellious children.  The fact that the advertising company’s NYC rep didn’t like the message, he invokes the ever saving lie of ‘safety’ in order to pull the billboard.  We think he’s lost his panties.  Read the rest here.

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