Defunding Taxpayer Funded Abortion

Make a point of checking out this great article at the Catholic News Agency addressing the vulnerability of Planned Parenthood in an interview with Charles A. Donovan, a senior research fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation who co-authored the 1991 book “Blessed are the Barren: The Social Policy of Planned Parenthood.”

Here’s a taste of what some of the article, “Defunding threat finds Planned Parenthood at vulnerable point in its contentious history” where Mr. Donovan wonders if the “actions and attitudes” discovered by the recent work of Live Action are par for the course given the history and direction of Planned Parenthood:

“They’ve gotten very used to the idea that they’re going to see 13-, 14-, 15-year-olds in their clinics,” he explained.  “Their job is simply to provide them with devices or services and so they ignore context.”  The legal environment makes adolescents “isolated” and renders Planned Parenthood unaccountable to parents.  Many schools even cooperate in letting adolescents go to the clinics.

“He charged that Planned Parenthood has an “obsession” and a “single-minded focuson eliminating unwanted pregnancy, not preventing sexual activity.

“This is very much in the heritage of its founder, according to Donovan.  Though Sanger was unable to see some of the implications of her advocacy, she abandoned her family, took several famous men as paramours, and wrote a great deal about “the joys of unfettered sex.”  Planned Parenthood has “basically been a voice for sexual liberation, multiple partners, things like that, ever since,” Donovan said.

“Sanger also strongly believed that there were inferior people and races and that the government had an “affirmative responsibility” to lessen their numbers or limit their participation in public life, he noted.

Make a point to read the rest of the article; Mr. Donovan goes on to make recommendations for pro-life activists to counter abortion supporters like supporting low-income or college age women locate and visit pregnancy crisis centers.

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