Openly Gay “Old Catholic” Priest: Canned!

Jeff Miller at The Curt Jester has the low-down on the Catholic College firing of an openly homosexual “Old Catholic” priest.

‘Old Catholic’ means he’s part of a church that separated from the Roman Catholic Church after Vatican I last century.  Wearing the traditional Roman collar, he went to work for Chestnut Hill College, a private Catholic institution, without advising the college of his ‘Old Catholic’ affiliation.  Then he admits to homosexual acts, something the ‘Old Catholic’ church condones, which he also didn’t share with his employer.

And the faux priest wonders why his contract didn’t get renewed?  He thinks he’s being treated unfairly?  Geez, poor guy.  He’s in some serious need of catechesis and prayer!

Be sure and read the full article from The Curt Jester!

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