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Bishop Sheridan: Defund Abortion Providers

From Catholic News Agency comes this timely article by one of Colorado’s bishops, Michael Sheridan, calling for support of the Pence Amendment and taking money from the killing centers known as Planned Parenthood: “Planned Parenthood has portrayed itself as primarily … Continue reading

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Islam: Do You Know This?

  After viewing this video, take some time to review its references.  Parts of the text have been strongly inspired by the website Abrogations:… Sharia:… Taqiyya: /… Islam is the monotheistic religion articulated by the … Continue reading

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The Annunciation Message: Be Not Afraid

Unique take at by Tom Crowe in his post titled, “Verbum Caro Hodie Factum Est,” about today’s Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord.  After referring to an altar inscription in Nazareth, he cleverly notes how important this day … Continue reading

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The Tide is Turning: Pro-Life Students

Enjoy this stunning video and consider supporting Students for Life.  This is the future face of pro-life in America – these great kids will pave over the horrific mistakes of our last two generations! Students for Life offers key abortion … Continue reading

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Wickedness in the Church: An Answer

From McNamara’s Blog we have this lovely response to a question that has long plagued Catholics and non-Catholics, “Will you not admit that many of the leaders of your Church— her Popes, Bishops and priests— have been wicked men? How … Continue reading

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Abortion Waiting Period: 3 Days!

Great post and excellent news from Catholic News Service: “South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard signed a law Tuesday requiring women to wait three days after meeting with a doctor to have an abortion, the longest waiting period in the nation.   … Continue reading

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Planned Parenthood Funding: No – No Way, No How!

Excellent opinion piece at Scripps News by Star Parker, “No Compromise on Planned Parenthood Funding” who fulminates with facts against the free taxpayer dollars our politicians in Washington DC continue to throw at Planned Parenthood.  Here’s some excellent excerpts: “There … Continue reading

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