How Many More: Unmonitored Abortionists

George Neumay, editor at The Catholic World Report, has a detailed essay on the extent The State of the Culture of Death has brought our culture.  He points out the fallacies of the Roe v. Wade ideology using the facts of murderer Kermit Gosnell killings, (emphasis CP):

Legal abortion since Roe hasn’t eliminated the horrors of the “back alley” but brought them to Main Street. (Dr. Kermit) Gosnell’s callousness is just a more explicit and obvious example of a disregard for life that exists at more “respectable” abortion clinics across the country.

“. . . The Gosnell case, as the Pennsylvania grand jury noted, did not happen in an ideological vacuum. According to its report, an abortion-rights atmosphere in Pennsylvania explains the state’s unwillingness to investigate abortion clinics.”

“. . . In a time when late-term abortionists are sometimes romanticized by pro-choicers as fearlessly defiant providers of a stigmatized but needed service, in a time when pro-choicers worry far more about what is said inside crisis pregnancy centers than what is done inside abortion clinics, figures like Gosnell are bound to exist.

“. . . many abortion-rights advocates defend the late-term abortions that largely defined his practice. The journalist William Saletan has noted that leading “reproductive rights activists” in recent times have made explicit their support for abortions at any stage. “Is there anything qualitatively different about a fetus at, say, 28 weeks that gives it a morally different status to a fetus at 18 weeks or even eight weeks?

“. . . Kermit Gosnell . . . took any case that came to him.  He offered his clinical skill to one and all.  And he performed the late abortions that pro-choicers urged George W. Bush not to ban. . . (and) expressed puzzlement not to the charge of killing an adult patient but to the charge of killing seven babies. . . In a Roe-ravaged culture, the answer to his question is not very clear.

The culture of death in America has no intention of setting parameters around their ideology of infanticide.  No matter the stage of pregnancy, they believe in abortion.  And until pro-life increases the pressure in the whole of society; politically, personally, culturally, and spiritually, ones is left to wonder how many other Kermit Gosnell’s are there?


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