Abortion Anger: It Comes from Natural Law

Excellent essay by Christopher Kaczor titled “Abortion and Justice” that introduces his new book, The Ethics of Abortion: Women’s Rights, Human Life, and the Question of Justice.

A couple of intriguing and key comments that shatters a number of pro-abortion myths about abortion:

“I argue that there is no morally significant difference between infants eight days old and seven days old, or between babies thirty-two days old and one month old . . .

If the right to live does not begin after birth does it begin at the moment of birth?  This is the conventional pro-choice position defended by politicians.  One difficulty with this view is that there is no “moment” of birth, but rather a process in which more and more of the baby is outside the mother.

“. . . nearly all arguments used against infanticide apply equally well to late-term abortion; and nearly all the arguments used in favor of late-term abortion apply equally well to infanticide. Location with respect to another person, either entirely or partially within someone else’s body, is not relevant to a person’s rights.

He goes on to also explain our society values ‘bodily integrity,’ that is, if it’s okay to maim a person’s body for removal of an organ, like a kidney, to give to another in a life saving effort without doing additional further damage to the donor’s body, then it’s fair to believe that should also apply to a pregnant woman.  Killing the baby in utero as a life saving ‘donation’ for the mother’s sake is an “argument against rather than in favor of abortion.”

No kidding – the open unmitigated anger that arises from culturally conditioned pro-aborts when faced with the barefaced medical and ethical violations of abortion,  defies their conscious and human nature in a way even they cannot understand.  Thus the anger and resentment, which will take time and prayer to overcome.

Overcoming this lying indoctrinate from killing centers like Planned Parenthood must start with the removal of taxpayer subsidies, then move to legally required waiting periods and mandatory parental involvement for anyone under 21, to a removal of all abortion on demand for anyone anytime.  Throughout this process, pro-life supporters much be brave and strong, in prayer, in open and honest conversation with family and friends, and assert the strong moral value of life over selfish convenience.

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