Forewarned is Forearmed: ‘Equity Laws’ are Anti-Christian

From Catholic News Agency CNA we learn that a Christian couple, who were disallowed being foster children have been warned not to appeal the decision by the very judges who ruled against them in merry olde England:

London, England, Mar 5, 2011 / 12:29 pm CNA/EWTN News – After being advised that they had almost no chance of winning their case, a Christian couple in England has decided not to appeal a decision that barred them from becoming foster parents due to their disapproval of homosexual lifestyles.

Under English law, Eunice and Owen Johns – Pentecostal Christians, aged 62 and 65 – could also have been forced to pay the opposing side’s legal fees, if they lost the appeal.

That prospect, along with the judiciary’s apparent commitment to the verdict as it stood, contributed to their decision not to challenge the ruling they received on Feb. 28. In their ruling against the Johns, two judges of the Nottingham Crown Court described the couple’s traditional Christian view of sexuality as “inimical to the interests of children,” indicating it could endanger a child’s welfare.

The Johns’ lawyer, Paul Diamond, told CNA on March 3 that Christians in other countries – particularly in the United States – should take a lesson from the judgment, and from England’s recent history.

“In the United Kingdom,” Diamond said, “these ‘equality’ laws are working out as a very anti-Christian agenda. People are at risk of losing their jobs for wearing a cross. People who say the slightest thing in favor of the traditional family may lose their jobs – for being ‘sexist’ and ‘homophobic.’”

Sheesh!  It’s coming here to the States, you have been warned.  Resistance is futile!! The rest is here.

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