Our Occupation: Not All There Is

Great quote today from The Integrated Catholic Life by Francisco Fernández Carvajal, who is a priest in the Opus Dei Prelature and author of several books.  He is best known for his seven volume work Hablar con Dios (In Conversation with God), which has sold over two million copies in several languages:

“Work should not take up so much of our day that it occupies the time that should be dedicated to God, to the family, to our friends . . . If this should happen it would be a clear sign that we are not sanctifying ourselves through our work, but rather we are simply seeking self-satisfaction in it.  It would be another form of corruption of that divine gift.  This deformation is perhaps more dangerous in our day because of the false reasons for which many people work.  We, ordinary simple Christians in the middle of the world, should never forget that we must find Christ each day in and through our occupation, whatever it may be.”

This is an impressive reminder for those who struggle to keep work in its proper place in our lives.  For Cowboy Papist and other of the same temperament, we must not make our work the full definition of our identity, for we are so much more.

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