Reparations for Lent: Priests and Bishops

Lenten Reparations from the wonderful Fr. Philip Neri, OP:

“Offer your Lenten sacrifices in reparation for the horrific damage done by the priests and bishops who abused children and covered-up the abuse.

“I believe that the Church is on the cusp of a revival and that this revival will be brought about by the willingness of God’s people to do penance for the sacrilege committed against those in most need of our protection. With the corrected translation of the Roman Missal on the way and hundreds of up and coming, faithful, young seminarians, religious, and priests, we are poised to exorcise the zeitgeist from the Church.

“I’m not talking about a Rad Trad revolution, but rather a return to the simple, noble faith of the apostles and the reverent celebration of the Church’s sacraments.

“As a Body, if any one of us is sick, all of us are sick. Penance and sacrifice for the sins of the few can bring us all to better health.”

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