Pray for Japan

Excellent post over at CMR: Japan: Random Thoughts by Patrick Archibald regarding his random thoughts on Japan – well worth reading.  Prayer and perspective:

Some random thoughts on the Japan story.

  • One of the worst earthquakes in recorded history, followed shortly after by one of the worst tsunamis in recorded history, follows by potentially one of the greatest nuclear accidents in history and yet…somehow many people suspect that the other shoe has yet to drop. I hope they are wrong.
  • I don’t ever want to see another tsunami video. Ever. It is too heart-wrenching. The sense of loss, too overwhelming.
  • There should be a ban, enforced at the end of a gun, against the media using words they don’t understand. Like meltdown. Ask one of the talking heads what a meltdown is and you will get blank stares. Ask them what a fuel rod is and they more than likely say its something they eat before going to the gym. Don’t. Use. Words. You. Don’t. Understand.
  • Lefty opportunists are the worst kind of opportunists. No matter what happens, people will use it to push their agenda. Over the last days we have seen a parade of agenda driven lefties making the media rounds, particularly the anti-nuclear power nuts. Creeps. And of course, earthquakes along with cold winters and athlete’s foot is caused by global warming. By all means, use the image of thousands of bodies washing up on shore to score political points. It’s so you.
  • Scariest news out of Japan this past weekend has been the lack of news. Nothing is scarier than when no one is talking.
  • The stoicism of the Japanese people is something I don’t think I will ever forget.
  • Handheld video has changed the way we view the world. Forever.
  • Attention Wisconsin protesters, this is called perspective.
  • They called the ’90s in Japan ‘the lost decade’. I suspect they won’t use that phrase anymore.
  • Its hard to imagine guardian angels standing by and watching such a thing. This baby’s obviously didn’t.
  • Cliches are cliches because they are true. It is clinched to say that this could have been worse.  But it could have been much much worse. Building codes and tsunami warnings saved countless thousands of lives.
  • The people of Japan need shelter, food, water, and Jesus. Don’t forget Jesus. Pray. Pray. Pray.
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    Tough times calls for tougher prayer, thanks for this reminder from

    Blessings to you from Denver!

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