Is Health Care Lacking Moral Virtue?

Matt Archbold over at the National Catholic Register website writes about a hospital that turned it’s back on a premature baby that died because said hospital thinks the baby may 1) die, or 2) have life-long disabilities.  Utterly horrific.  His article, “Doctors Leave Baby to Die,” is about the The Daily Mail report on Tracy Goodwin and her baby Tom, who lived for only 46 minutes.  Seems it came down to dates (Tom was born 12 days too early) and sanctimonious bean counters (Ms. Goodwin begged for help, but was ignored).

This sure leaves us wondering why the disintegration of moral virtues has become hypocritical, while those with no moral virtues are unable to recognize their own obvious insincere quackery:

The hospital claims they don’t help babies born under 24 weeks because their quality of life would be impaired.

“But while the hospital would have you think that they were acting altruistically, this news comes on the heels of an NHS official who stated that babies born at 23 weeks or earlier should be left to die because they’re very expensive to care for and the chances of them growing up without a disability are small. So what they’re really saying is that babies with disabilities are better off dead. An imperfect life is not worth living. They’re saying that baby Tom was born with a price tag and that figure was just too darn much. They figured that 46 minutes was all the life he deserved.”

Matt sums up fittingly:

“Arbitrary death at the whim of nature is horrible.  Calculated death at the hands of stingy actuaries in scrubs is somehow scarier because life shouldn’t be part of a cost/benefit analysis.”

Of course, it’s a British hospital where they practice socialized medicine; the same construct that Pelosi and Obama pushed through last year.  Oh yea!

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