Mother Teresa: Practice Great Love in Small Ways

This fantastic video, below, comes to us from Rome Reports where we can see the diminutive and bubbling Mother Teresa showing John Paul II the Great around the Sisters of Charity House on several different occasions.

As notes Fr. Brian Kolodiejchuk, the postulator of her Cause of Canonization, “You don’t have to move to the slums of an Indian city to love like Mother Teresa.  In order to love like her, he says, you just need to practice great love in small ways.

How fortunate we are to have video of these two great Catholic saint together. Every small act of love for family and friends is a gift to them and shows them Christ.

As a side note, both great saints are mentioned uncannily in the astonishing book, ‘The Rite’ by Matt Baglio about Fr. Gary Thomas training as an exorcist.  These two enduring saints are verbally excoriated by a whining demon as they pray with the Holy Mother for the soul of the possessed.  Reading this at the beginning of the book will raise the hair on your neck while pleasing you with the anger expressed by the demon at our holy saints.

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