The Transfiguration: Hope for When Life Gives Us “Too Much”

From the Franciscan Friars, TOR, Province of the Immaculate Conception we read this commentary on today’s readings on Jesus’ transfiguration regarding our need for hope as life give us ‘too much:”

. . . the transfiguration event is a symbol and sign of the hope that, while life is certainly about to dish out more than Jesus can handle in crucifixion, God will, in fact, make these circumstances the very thing that constitutes eternal life.

“In other words, Jesus’ crucifixion as a total gift of self and love to the point of death will not end in wholesale abandonment by God but will become the very path to eternal life.

“Why is this a sign or symbol of hope for us?  What it means is that there is nothing that we can experience in our lives, no matter how painful or tragic, that is beyond the Lord’s capacity to use as a means through which our own lives are transfigured in God’s love.

The issues related to unemployment, loss of income, and the need to pay for basic needs like rent, utilities, food, medicines, etc. require hope in God that our lives will get better sooner than later combined with the faith and trust in God that we have the strength and courage to accept his will and fulfill his will.  Difficult times do result in greater and stronger love and faith in our Lord.  The fact is that sometimes the timing isn’t always aligned!

May God bless all clergy, religious and seminarians for their prayers of faith, hope and love.

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