Planned Parenthood Funding: No – No Way, No How!

Excellent opinion piece at Scripps News by Star Parker, “No Compromise on Planned Parenthood Funding” who fulminates with facts against the free taxpayer dollars our politicians in Washington DC continue to throw at Planned Parenthood.  Here’s some excellent excerpts:

“There is nothing more repugnant and flagrantly misplaced in the federal budget than the $360 million taxpayers annually send to Planned Parenthood. If we can’t eliminate this, it means either that the nation is hopelessly lost or that Republicans are weak.

Planned Parenthood funding must become the poster child for what is wrong with the federal budget. Why?  We can sum up noting that funding Planned Parenthood forces taxpayers to subsidize three sins. Lies, theft, and murder. . .

“You’d also think that taxpayers are the only place that Planned Parenthood can turn to for funds. Non-profits raise hundreds of billions in contributions soliciting private citizens. Planned Parenthood’s annual report shows they get 28 percent of their budget from contributions, less than they get from taxpayers. This is an organization that supposedly believes in choice. They can appeal to private citizens to choose to contribute rather than turning to government to force taxpayers.

“. . . the one-third of their budget that does come from government simply frees up the rest, part of which does fund abortion.  You also have to ask how far you can sort this out.  Which dollars go to plan, locate, and construct facilities — planned strategically to give easy access to low income, largely black women — that provide all their services, including abortion? Just think about the “family planning” part. Where does our constitution put the federal government in the “family planning” business? In the People’s Republic of China the government is in the “family planning” business. And Planned Parenthood spends their tax-subsidized dollars to pay millions to their lobbyists and PR firms.

“It is not an accident that nothing changes the heart of a confused young woman ready to abort than seeing an ultrasound image of the child within her.  As with slavery, one day American children will wonder how butchery such as abortion could ever have been legal in our nation.  Meanwhile, we shouldn’t be using tax dollars for it. Polls show that almost seven out of ten Americans oppose this.”

Be sure and read the entire column by Ms. Parker, it is highly recommended.  Of course, a pessimist would suggest that Planned Parenthood would use taxpayer funds to donate to favorite politicians re-election campaigns, thus becoming a middle man for power and cash hungry lawmakers.  An optimist might opine that transparency in our government combined with the failing economy and unemployment might shake the moral foundation of members of our government to terminate the money flow to Planned Parenthood.

Cowboy Papist falls in between; ain’t no politician going to turn down money for any reason – the compromise bug bites them all after a couple of years and the money smells too doggone good.  Yet, the high cost of living and poor economy combined with foolish and poor leadership from our elites in DC might actually make voters pay attention and elect those candidates who are not collecting from the abortion providers.

At any rate, funding abortion providers who charge $300 to $900 for their killing services is not what our US Constitution call for from any citizen.  It’s time to stop it.  Tip of the Hat to Ms. Parker!

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  1. You are preaching my gospel and singing my song. Planned Parenthood has a multi billion dollar industry in abortions and we shoud defund it immediately. Tell you Congressmen and Senators.

    John Wilder

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