Priests on a Pedestal: Careful!

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Fr. Z does his usual outstanding job in a post today regarding the highly visible recent suspension of a well-known priest.  His explanation of the Donatist movement, and how St. Augustine put their restructuring of our Faith in its proper perspective gives us an accurate view on how all Catholics should react to news that clergy may be sinners, for they all are.  And this is not a good enough reason to end the full and daily practice of our Faith.  This is an excellent read!

Fr. Z sums up in this manner:

“An accusation leveled at a priest is a horrible thing, because it is nearly impossible today for a priest to have a fair hearing.  There is no perfect justice or charity in this world, but these days falsely-accused priests don’t get anything like even the world’s “justice”.  But even when priests are guilty of that by which they are accused, it doesn’t surprise me that priests are sinners or in the worst cases commit bad crimes.

“Yes, priests and bishops should be held to high standards. After all, even the devil holds them to high standards. The devil hates priests and works tirelessly to trip them.   Holy Orders doesn’t make a man less human.  Should I be surprised that priests are sinners?  I am a sinner.

The bottom line is that you cannot depend on the personal holiness of priests or bishops for your own personal holiness. The only true Holy One is the Lord.”

Emphasis by Cowboy Papist.  The priest in question very often speaks the truth, and Cowboy Papist enjoys hearing him on occasion.  But no one person; priest, bishop, cardinal, or pope can be the embodiment of expression of our Faith.  As Fr. Z says, “The only true Holy One is the Lord.”

Her blessedness, The Anchoress, has an excellent and updated write-up on this issue.

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