Bishop Sheridan: Defund Abortion Providers

From Catholic News Agency comes this timely article by one of Colorado’s bishops, Michael Sheridan, calling for support of the Pence Amendment and taking money from the killing centers known as Planned Parenthood:

“Planned Parenthood has portrayed itself as primarily concerned with cervical cancer, breast cancer and related women’s health issues, Bishop Sheridan said.  “We know that not to be true,” he said, noting that 2009 statistics show that a woman entering a Planned Parenthood clinic is 42 times more likely to have an abortion than to be referred for adoption or receive prenatal care. The Pence Amendment, he explained, does not cut any funding for women’s health services.

“It would simply block those funds already in the bill from subsidizing America’s largest abortion provider,” the bishop wrote.  “Women’s health will in no way be put at risk if Planned Parenthood loses its federal funding.  On the contrary, a considerable danger to the lives of the unborn will be removed, and American citizens, most of whom oppose abortion, will no longer be subsidizing a profound moral evil.”

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