Excellent Pro-Life News from South Dakota

From National Catholic Register comes this excellent news from South Dakota:

“PIERRE, S.D. — In a forceful indictment of the way abortions are done in South Dakota, the state has passed a law requiring women to consult with a pro-life pregnancy center before getting an abortion.

“Based on testimony of women who now regret their abortions, the state Legislature found that “the overwhelming majority” of women arrange their abortions without seeing a doctor or receiving any counseling about side effects.“Such practices are contrary to the best interests of the pregnant mother and her child,” the new law declares in its preamble.

“Sioux Falls Bishop Paul Swain applauds the new law. “Anything we can do to ensure a fully informed decision, with the waiting period, the chance to talk to someone who really cares about the unborn child and the mother is a great step forward,” he told the Register.”

Great to see some intelligence is making it’s way into several state laws regarding the killing of innocent babies.

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  1. Great news indeed!
    Keep the good news coming to the ‘digital continent!’

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