Infanticide Ideology: Baby Shopping

Our culture has expanded its support for killing babies in the womb to include basic candid support for curing breast cancer, as noted here by Matt Bowman at  Matt notes in his article that the Susan G. Komen for the Cure hides the well-documented fact that chemical contraception and abortions significantly increase a woman’s odds for contracting breast cancer; and they donated over $730,000 to Planned Parenthood last year, and over $4 million since 2004.  Absolutely. Disgusting.

“We all know how pink descends like dew on NFL and other sports teams at random points of the season, raising money to fight breast cancer.  But the leading breast cancer foundation has once again shown its ideological commitment to giving breast cancer donations to America’s largest abortion provider.

“As LifeNews reports,” Susan G. Komen for the Cure” recently admitted that its affiliates donated over $730,000 to Planned Parenthood in 2010, and over $4 million since 2004.

“This increasing partnership is even more sinister given the fact that abortion helps increase breast cancer.  Komen is in denial about that fact, but one might think they would at least not get in bed with PP given the plausibility of an abortion connection.

“Sadly, all things “women’s health” have been infected with pro-abortion ideology.   Any group that would avoid the infection and simply go about their business without being involved in abortion has to consciously, often heroically, choose to make it happen.  That virtue makes little sense to people who actually believe abortion is a good thing.

Pro-Abortion Ideology has saturated the deepest fibers of our weakening culture.  In addition to support for killing centers by well intentioned “Cure Cancer” groups, we now have the growing use of prenatal genetic testing, (advocated by the American Genetics Society, formerly known as the American Eugenics Society started by Margaret Sanger of Planned Parenthood), and genetic testing kits are predicted to soon be available “over the counter” that will test babies in the womb for diseases, eye color and sex. 

Eugenics is a Darwinian concept that proposes only the fit survive; in human terms, it means shopping for babies like we select a car.  A well known business adage is that people behave the way they’re measured.  It is no surprise that abortion on demand enterprises support any effort to increase pregnancies and thus more abortions.  Absolutely. Disgusting.

Thank God for the growth in women’s religious orders – our sick culture is in severe need of prayer and the saving grace of God.

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