Compromise Issue: Always Pro-Life

In follow up to the previous post, Michael Barone writes in the Washington Examiner how smart, how “shrewd” it was of House Speaker John Boehner to use pro-life as an go / no-go issue in order to get the budget the Republicans wanted, in his article aptly titled “How Speaker Boehner got the Best Budget Deal”:

“Speaker John Boehner did a brilliant job of negotiating the fiscal year 2011 budget deal that was reached less than two hours before the Friday deadline. . .

Liberal commentators like to portray tea party-type conservatives as mindless ideologues, bent on advancing their positions on moral issues whatever the political cost. But that description is a better fit for many Democrats in this budget fight. Who cared most about defunding Planned Parenthood?  Answer: the feminist left, as my Examiner colleague Timothy Carney’s column this morning makes clear.

For many gray-haired feminists, of the baby boom generation or older, the abortion issue is emotionally important; “choice” is a proxy for the choices they have made in their personal and professional lives which are different from the choices they were expected to make when they were growing up. As Carney writes, these people want Planned Parenthood to have enough government money to keep performing lots of abortions, but I think that even more than that they want federal funding as an imprimatur of approval; they want not just money but honor for their cause. That’s why you have an experienced Democrat like former House Rules Committee Chairman Louise Slaughter saying the Republicans want to “kill women. . . “

John Boehner knew that the Republican Conference cared less than the feminist left about the Planned Parenthood rider, and that by brandishing the rider he’d be able to extract more spending cuts from Harry Reid than he would without it. Pretty shrewd analysis and pretty smooth execution.”

The definition of politics is compromise and politicians have historically responded to only voters.  Any issue or law will be used in compromise to obtain more voters.

To that end, it’s important for the American Catholic Church, (bishops, priests, religious and laity)  to speak with one voice to remind politicians that support for abortion will result in no votes.  This is the fundamental dilemma facing us today and will be for several generations to come.

Our solution is prayer, participation, and courage.  Remember BO and his abortion supporters along with House Speaker John Boehner and all pro-lifers in our nations capital in your prayers each day, and actively pester your elected representatives to support life.


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  1. wdednh says:

    Hi, thank you for this post.

  2. Cheryl Jean says:

    It strikes me that you might be interested in Hannah Ford’s song, “Destiny Awaiting.” I wish I had the whole song for you, but you can download it on itunes for 99-cents. It is definitely a pro-life song with a powerful anointing of God’s Spirit. I hope you’ll want to check it out and that you will love it and want to use it in some way for God’s purposes on behalf of life. Her album”Radiance” that includes this song was just released a few days ago. This particular song is like a battle cry, a declarative statement of where we stand as pro-lifers, not only preserving life but calling forth destinies. You can find it here as #11:

    Also, I note your article about praying for Japan. You’ll appreciate her youtube video for Japan:
    Please pass this link and the pro-life song on, if you will. Be blessed!

    (I’m the mom, but I’d be promoting this music, anyway!!)

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