Paying Attention: BO for Abortion

Quite a fracas in the Catholic blogosphere this week about BO taking a stand on funding for killing corp Planned Parenthood regarding the wisdom by both political parties as they used pro-life as a compromised political issue to balance the budget.

Big surprise isn’t it – politicians using innocent life as a parlay like bartering for water in a drought.

Paul Zummo over at The American Catholic sums it up about right:

“The problem is we have an ideological extremist in the White House – and one would think by now people would finally get this –who is beholden to the abortion lobby.  Oh, he might change his mind when it comes to things like military commissions and waging war in the Middle East, but when it comes to abortion there ain’t no stopping him now. There can be negotiating with the likes of Obama when it comes to abortion – only removal from office.”

Why anyone would think that BO is a centrist on the core issue of our culture is beyond reasonable logic — the damn fool voted against banning partial birth abortion for cryin’ out loud!  Each vote does matter; each and every one.  If you vote to support a sick and slick compromising bootlicker who values ‘women’s health’ (political distortion for abortion) and Planned Parenthood over innocent life, then what you get is Obama supporting abortion on demand paid for by American taxpayers.

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