Abortion Ideology: Intellectually Dishonest

“The Church is intolerant in principle because she believes; she is tolerant in practice because she loves. The enemies of the Church are tolerant in principle because they do not believe; they are intolerant in practice because they do not love.”

Fr. Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange. OP

This great quote could be etched onto the hearts of all pro-life supporters as a reminder that those who support abortion, beneath all their ‘reason’ and ‘justification,’ are in reality intolerant, selfish, narcissistic and usually uninformed.

A fine example of this can be found at Little Catholic Bubble, where I borrow the above quote.  Ms. Leila Miller has written a wonderful and informative blog entry taking on the common pro-abortion, dumb Catholic arguments from a poster named ‘Choice’.  While ‘Choice’ might intend not to insult pro-life Christians, she cannot help herself, putting her history, logic and reasoning limitations on display for all.  Ms. Miller does a grand job of eviscerating her positions.  In response to comments about reason from ‘Choice,’ Ms. Miller writes:

If you are familiar with Catholic patrimony, then you know we adore questions, challenges, and reason.  In fact, we believe that faith and reason are “like two wings on which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth”.  We’re the folks who founded the university system, after all. And we relish in philosophy, both pre-Christian (Socrates, Plato, Aristotle) and Christian (Augustine, Aquinas, Pascal, Newman, Chesterton, et al.).  We also love science; it was from the heart of the Christian culture that the natural sciences were nourished and then flourished. Given all this, I can only imagine that you are confusing Catholics with anti-intellectual sects.

In response to the poster’s comments about “the entire religion of Catholicism has served much more as a tool of imperialism than a guideline for moral living,” Ms. Miller responds:

Then why does the Church have no army, and why does she still insist on teaching the highest moral code in the world, while the world mocks her for it?

The rest can be found at Little Catholic Bubble; great article from Ms. Leila Miller.  It is remarkable how ingrained the pro-abortion message can become with proponents today – despite the overwhelming break in logic, and moral reasoning.  As Raymond Dennehy of the University of San Francisco opened and researched in his 2009 article ‘Abortion and Ideology‘ for The Human Person and a Culture of Freedom (reprinted in Ignatius Press):

A survey of the justifications advanced by scientists, philosophers, and other members of the elite class, such as judges, to justify the legalization of induced abortion reveals that they have abandoned rational inquiry in favor of ideology.  For although their arguments have the trappings of the objectivity of scientific method and other marks of rational inquiry, it is clear that they subvert reason and manipulate evidence to actualize an ideal that they perceive to be above all rational criticism.  This enslavement to ideology is but a reenactment of what happened in Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia to the detriment of science and philosophy, not to mention the degradation of human life.

Pro-abortion supporters have become so ‘religious’ of their ideology that they lost all ability to be rational, and can thus respond with irrational behavior, as many 40 Days for Life protesters have found these last several weeks.

Little Catholic Bubble gets today’s Tip of the Hat!

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