Judas’ Greatest Sin: Prideful Despair

Wow, did this paragraph from the article “Judas’ Greatest Sin” by Charlie Douglas at The Integrated Catholic Life hit home for Cowboy Papist on this Spy Wednesday:

Perhaps Judas’ greatest sin was not in betraying Jesus; rather, it was in allowing himself to be consumed by a prideful despair after the betrayal.  Unlike Peter and the rest of the apostles, Judas failed to repent; he failed to find hope.  Like us at times, Judas could not see past his owns sins and his feelings of unworthiness.  Instead of turning outward toward the Lord with a repentant heart that could have been filled with hope, Judas regrettably looked inward and saw only his own despair.  Lacking the courage to begin his life anew, Judas ends his life by hanging himself.

Feeling sorry for oneself is a dreadful practice, that is hard to overcome during times of personal distress.  Even knowing others have found themselves in far worse conditions, the comfort found in self despair seems to be a favorite tool of the Evil One.  Speaking of which, Mr. Douglas points out Dante’s poetic estimate of the torments experienced by the traitor of Jesus:

“In Dante’s Divine Comedy, Brutus and Cassius, who were involved in the assassination of Julius Caesar, are in the Ninth and hottest circle of Hell along with Judas Iscariot.  But it is Judas who is met with the most horrifying torture of the three traitors, with his head in the mouth of Lucifer and his back being forever skinned by Lucifer’s claws.”

Let us make, as a personal prayer intention the words of Mr. Douglas as he closes his article:

As Easter Sunday quickly approaches let us turn trustingly toward our Lord, believing that no matter how many and how scarlet our sins may be, that God’s Divine Mercy is endless and that His treasury of compassion is inexhaustible.  There is no sin that Jesus did not come to take away by giving himself on the cross for each of us, so let us not be like Judas in our despair, but instead, let us act with joy and great confidence by uniting ourselves to God’s holy will, which is Love and Mercy itself.  Amen.

Amen, indeed!  Tip of the hat for Charles Douglas today.

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