Good Friday: A Reminder of Christ’s Terrible Suffering

Below you’ll find an informative video from Rome Reports that highlights the beloved Shroud of Turin adding some details on the suffering experienced by the figure on the Shroud.  This wonderful mystery is largely considered by the Church to be the actual shroud of our Lord Christ.  Several points that contribute to the evidence are:

  • The Shroud was resting on the body for 36 hours; the same length of time from the Gospels,
  • Sand was found embedded in the nose of the face; pointing to the strong possibility that the body fell multiple times before death,
  • Blood mixed with water was found on the right side of the body,
  • Weapons used for scourging at that time is reflected in the wounds on the body, over 720 specific marks on the body from these weapons that inflicted 120 lashes

As our good Archbishop Charles Chaput wrote this week in quoting Cardinal Augustin Mayer, OSB, “Nothing great is ever achieved without suffering.”  The video also outlines some of that suffering Christ suffered:

The Archbishop adds further:

“No Christian ever lives the Gospel without eventually encountering the Cross.  During the Triduum, . . . the Church invites us to remember that sin is real and that only blood can redeem it. . . but also that God loves us so deeply that He sent His only Son to offer Himself for our deliverance.

” . . . Jesus asks us to live our lives for others. . . There’s nothing sweet about Golgotha.  Life in Jesus Christ is a call to heroic and self-sacrificing love.  If we want to rise with Jesus on Easter, we also have to share his work of salvation on Good Friday.” . .

“Good Friday is an end: an end to death; an end to our old selves and our old selfishness.  Easter Sunday is a beginning, the beginning of a new and ‘unspeakable joy” for each of us and all of us.  The sorry of Holy Week is the doorway to something infinitely more beautiful.”

May this Good Friday bring all of us closer to the Passion of Christ, to personally experience the horrible suffering He suffered for each of us so we might find the joy of salvation on Easter Sunday.  May God forgive us of all our sins, save us from the fires of Hell, take all souls to heaven, and help those most especially in need of His mercy.

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