Faux Choice: Abortion

Cultural Catholic thinker and writer Kathryn Jean Lopez has an excellent article up at National Review Online titled “Ground Zero for Human Rights” about the American abortion debate centered in NYC, or Ground Zero.  Some excellent excerpts:

Abortion, of course, is a hot-button word, bringing up all kinds of emotions for all kinds of people.  Though legal, it’s generally not considered a good.  Which is why groups that advocate its ease of access — and expansion — typically go to great lengths to avoid the actual A-word.”

As Fr. John Zulsdorf at What Does The Prayer Really Say often writes, words have meanings; thus the abortion supporters do what they can to avoid using the word abortion, trading it for ‘choice‘ or perhaps ‘healthcare.’  Abortion is the correct and applicable term, for basic biology clearly indicates that life begins at conception and terminating that life is nothing less than a murderous act defined as abortion.

For as long as abortion is legal, how can a woman in difficult circumstances truly have a choice not to be forced into one out of a sense of economic necessity?  Fortunately, there is an answer.  If you live in New York, call the office of the Catholic archbishop. Timothy Dolan, installed as archbishop two years ago, has renewed a promise of that great defender of human life, the late John Cardinal O’Connor: If you are pregnant and you need help, the Catholic Church will help you.

This is true in the Archdiocese of Denver as well; Archbishop Chaput has repeatedly offer to take any unwanted babies, no questions asked – following the lead of the Cardinal O’Connor.  We suspect it’s probably true in most dioceses across America.

Ms. Lopez continues her article on how the House of Representatives  passed the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act  last week, which prohibits taxpayer funding of abortion. Of course it has no chance of passing the Senate, nor would BO sign it.  It’s well documented that the existing Hyde Amendment doesn’t apply to all federal funding.  This newer bill applies to all federal funding “permanently”.  But the usual contingent of pro abortion apostles yelled foul using rhetoric that not only isn’t fair or accurate, but also doesn’t reflect the high majority of American voters:

It actually was not any dramatic attack on women’s rights, as the pro-choice crowd claimed, but a conscious protection for the American taxpayer who doesn’t want to be financially contributing to abortion.

And yet it was “appalling,” the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee insists.  EMILY’s List, which supports “pro-choice” candidates for office, warns that it is a precursor to the looming “Dark Ages,” and that it is “only one heinous facet of [House Republicans’] war on women.

As is clear to all Americans, this whining isn’t even close to accurate:

. . . eight in ten Americans want to significantly restrict the legality of abortion. . .  We are a people who, for goodness’ sake, value life. It’s in our national (and natural!) DNA; it’s in our founding documents. Even if the DNC (Democratic National Party) has made different choices.  So the least we can do is not fund abortion.  Even Democrats appreciate that, at least in a lot of their rhetoric.  Maybe the debate over abortion funding can become a uniter instead of a divider.

. . . So many of us — especially those whose lives have been changed by abortion — want men to know that they can support life, and that, besides ending a life, abortion will hurt the mother, the father, and many of the people around them. It has long been commonplace to insist that you’re personally opposed even when you advocate legal abortion.

She closes with this cautionary quote from late Congressman Henry Hyde during discussions on partial birth abortion:

the coldness of self-brutalization that chills our sensibilities, deadens our conscience, and allows us to think of this unspeakable act as an act of compassion.”

The noise from the pro abortion cult are too loud, their doctrine too embedded in our culture.  While New Yorker’s may feel that abortion rates are too high, America is a long way from any concrete changes for at least one or two generations.  Our children and grandchildren are the key to insuring that abortion as a faux healthcare choice goes the way of slavery. 

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