Pro Life Movement: On the Winning Side

Great article highlighting “Five Reasons the Pro-Life Movement is Winning on Abortion over at by Steven Ertelt, who links a source column by Trevin Wax, of LifeWay Christian resources and a blogger at Kingdom People.  What makes this a good read is that there are times when one suffers from pangs of pessimism regarding our ‘culture of death‘ society, and as Mr. Ertelt’s essay notes, there are concrete and positive changes occurring now.

In brief, Trevin Wax says “abortion advocates are on the defensive — saying they are having to downplay abortion in favor of verbiage on women’s health.”  Here is the Cowboy Papist cliff note version to whet your whistle:

1.  Public Opinion
A majority of Americans surveyed in a recent Rasmussen poll said they believe abortion is “morally wrong most of the time.”  Ya think?!  And those supporting abortion seem unable to support free speech; just ask anyone protesting in front of a Planned Parenthood.

2. The Media
While the media is not leading the way when it comes to the pro-life cause, it is “catching up to the sweeping pro-life sentiments of most Americans,” reflecting the progress the pro-life argument has made.  Mr. Wax notes how when Hollywood makes money, they’ll respond with pro-life stories.

3. Young People
Cowboy Papist has seen this first-hand; the younger generations who are pro-life are even more passionate and eager as those young people who support abortion on demand, and are growing in numbers.  They are our salvation from the scourge known as Roe v. Wade.

4. The Third Wave
Many pro abortion supporters are finding it hard to deny how Planned Parenthood is targeting poor inner-city minorities, whose numbers are growing in support of life.

5. Abortion Advocates on the Defensive
State legislators are today chipping away Roe v Wade while abortion supporters no longer talk of abortion but ‘women’s health.’  Seems they’re worried enough to spend their millions on lobbying Congress!

This is great news, and should be an everyday effort by those who support life and want to see the death of legal abortion in America.  Prayer and reason by our younger generations will see this through.

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