Anti-Catholic Bitchery

To my occasional passing reader, please accept our apologies for not writing for about a month as we’ve moved to the Denver area due to the sale of our rental home.  We’ve bunked temporarily with Cowboy Papist #1 Son and our estimable and lovely #1 Daughter in Law as she progresses through her first pregnancy with our #1 grandbaby.  Lot’s of #1’s there, but it’s all good for now, but has taken away our ability to spend enough time in prayer and perusing the Catholic writings and rantings on the net.

To that end, we came across a NY Times blather by a certain anti-Catholic catholyk who’s upset that Mother Church hasn’t yet recognized ‘gay-marriage’ as a norm in America.  A favorite writer of ours, George Weigel, posits this point among many others in the National Review Online:

. . . Which means, among other things, that Maureen Dowd is unwilling to take the slightest measure of responsibility for helping sustain the toxic culture of an America in which the sexual abuse of the young is a general societal plague, not some Catholic-specific perversity. And because of that she cannot concede what every fair-minded observer concedes: that the Catholic Church in America today is quite likely the country’s safest environment for children and young people. The Church has cleaned its house while Maureen Dowd and other prophets and prophetesses of the Sexual Free-Fire Zone have blithely ignored the evidence of the broken and crippled lives caused by the sexual license they applaud as liberation.

This excellent point is one that Cowboy Papist hadn’t yet considered; that those supporting ‘gay marriage’ cannot see the pain and heartache caused by the sexual revolution doctrine, “my pleasure is more important than anything in the world,” and how this sexual promiscuous’ bang away like there’s no tomorrow’ attitude has itself contributed to the unsafe environments our children inhabit every day.  Another excerpt worth considering:

“. . . today’s Catholic anti-Catholicism is a left-of-center phenomenon that, in secular guise, often reflects the critiques of the Church mounted by so-called ‘Catholic progressives’: The Church is hopelessly sexist; the Church is hopelessly sex-obsessed; the Church is cruel to women and gays; the Church is hypocritical. And, of course and most recently, the Church is a global criminal conspiracy of child rapists and their abettors, which “fact” validates the other charges in the standing indictment just cited.”

Mr. Weigel’s counter to the careless editorials of the NY Times is superb.  We’re sorry he feels compelled to read such silliness, but we’re glad he does.  His excellent edification is really necessary these days, and we’re glad he’s taken on this mind numbing role.  To those folks back east who ancient hatred of Mother Church provide the very material they need to survive and earn a living; yawn.  Go ‘way, ya shameless hussy!

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